Under the new governing framework for the Moreton Bay Central Sports Complex – AFL Precinct, the Moreton Bay Lions Australian Football Sports Club (‘the MBLAFSC’) holds the food and beverage rights for all functions and events held at the facility, whether it be for the Club or the wider community.

This is a big step up for a grass roots community footy club, with a much higher fundraising potential than is normally available for community Clubs.  All funds generated by the Club’s events management operations will go towards the growth and development of both the facility and our football operations.


Employment opportunities for the MBLAFSC may exist from time-to-time and will be advertised when available.

Some of these opportunities may or may not attract a salary, however they will still be bound by the applicable rules, regulations, acts and laws of their respective governing bodies.

Current Employment Opportunities

There are no positions advertised at this time.

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