Volunteering is rewarding for both the volunteer as well as the club.   For volunteers it can provide the opportunity to up-skill or develop skills in a new area, as well as make new friends.  For the club, it provides extra resources for Events and Game Days.


At MBLAFSC a unique opportunity exists to volunteer and be rewarded as well as to develop skills.

When volunteering with MBLAFSC, you will be awarded Lions $, for every 1hr worked.

Opportunities exist to earn Lions $.   To find out more, please read the Moreton Bay Lions Members Information Pack:


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Work Health and Safety

At Moreton Bay Lions, whether you are a paid employee or a volunteer, your safety, whilst working is paramount.

Work Health and Safety is the responsibility of all.

Please take a moment to watch the Work health and safety: What it means for volunteers (video).

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Other information

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Current Volunteering Opportunities

Many opportunities exist to volunteer within our club.

Board of Management

    1.       Communications Director
    2.       Football Director

View the Board Position Responsibility Overview information for a quick overview of the positions.

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To apply for a Board of Management position, you need to complete the Directors Application:

Web V1_MB Lions_Application Board Feb 2015

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    1.       Many positions – via Volunteers Application
    2.       Junior Coaching Positions
    3.       Canteen & Bar (ad-hoc)
Junior Coaching Positions

Junior and Youth Coaching information and application

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NOTE:    Youth Coaching Positions have been filled.

Volunteers Application

Unless otherwise stated all other voluntary positions can be applied for, by completing the Volunteers Application or via the ONLINE service

 V3 MB Lions Application l Volunteer Application

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Please Note:  Some positions may have already been filled at the time of advertising, whilst other positions may still be available after the closing date.  If you wish to confirm if a position is still available, email the Communications Director.

Email:  communications@caboolturelions.com.au

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Canteen & Bar (ad-hoc)

There are many times outside of normal game days that
volunteers are required.  If you have a spare 1hr or more,
to volunteer in the Canteen & Bar

Contact:  Tracy Rickertt
Phone:   0405 106 204
Email:  canteen@caboolturelions.com.au

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