Club Coaching Opportunities – Junior and Youth Teams

The recent decision to manage our football club under a single management committee has enabled us to adopt a professional and consistent approach to the recruitment and appointment of coaches across the whole club.

The Club’s ‘Board’ intends to create separate Divisions within the club for Seniors, Youth (Under 12 to Under 17), Junior (all age groups up to Under 11), Ladies and Social (Masters).

The Board is also planning to appoint an experienced Coaching Co-ordinator who will manage and support coaches at all levels to ensure that all coaches receive development opportunities, measurement and support.

We understand the different requirements of an Under 8s coach compared to a Senior coach but our research, with the aid of information from AFL Queensland, has shown that there are many qualities that can apply consistently across the spectrum.

Accordingly, we have developed a list of qualities and attributes that we are looking for in the coaches we appoint to our Junior and Youth Teams.

We also understand that there may well be potential coaches among our club membership and accordingly we are writing to you seeking expressions of interest.  Please feel free to pass this information on to your own friends if you think they may be interested in coaching one of our junior or youth teams.

Below is a list of criteria that we think are important for our junior and youth coaches. To be successful applicants need not demonstrate every one of these attributes but the closer we get the better the coaching outcomes will be for our junior and youth footballers, and the club as a whole.

Expressions of interest should be in writing and should address the applicants experience and capability in terms of the AFL Junior Coach Criteria.

Expressions should be emailed to:


Memo re: Junior and Youth Coaching Applications

MEMO RE Coachin Applications.docx

MEMO RE Coachin Applications.pdf

AFL Junior & Youth Coach Criteria

AFL Junior Coach Criteria.docx

AFL Junior Coach Criteria.pdf

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